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After-sale Service

Warranty Policy (Offline Sales)

We observe different countries’ policy accordingly, please learn more from your dealer.

Warranty Policy (Online Sales)

LEAGOO has a strict testing process to ensure that the products are functionally correct before they are packed. LEAGOO mobile
phone is covered by 12 months warranty for repair as of delivery date. Delivery date here means the shipping date. Please
provide invoice or your valid online-order details when you send the phone back. Please read the following after-sales terms
first so as to better under LEAGOO warranty:

Free repair service:

Verified functional failure
Failure that makes the device unable to use, repairing of which needs to change material etc., including:

  • Phone
    • Functions in Instruction are not valid
    • No display, wrong display or slip touch
    • Failed to turn on the phone or connect the operator
    • No ring or vibration
    • Wrong dial
    • Abnormal shutdown
    • Poor SIM card contact
    • Failed to control the buttons
    • No voice, abnormal volume
    • Case cracked because of the structure or material problem
  • Charger
    • Not working or abnormal working
    • Failed to charge the phone with the charger
  • Battery
    • Failed to work normally after charging (not less than 80%)
  • SIM Card
    • Not working or abnormal working
  • Earphone
    • Not working or abnormal working
  • Data Card
    • Not working or abnormal working


1. Warranty period:
1) Warranty of the phone is 12 months from the delivery date;
2) Warranty of the battery, charger, data cable and earphone is 6 months from the delivery date;
2. Shipping cost:
1) YOU (means the customer) will be responsible for the shipping cost from the your country to China;
2) LEAGOO will be responsible for the shipping cost from China to your country;
3. LEAGOO will finish repairing within 15 working days after receive your device and then send the device back to you.

Chargeable repair service:

1. Product damage including:
1) Out of warranty: Product that exceeds the warranty period;
2) Damage caused by customer’s incorrect operation or insufficient protection, including but not limited to screen
broken, moisture, scratch, rust etc., or use the phone in a high temperature or bad environment.
3) Refit, fix or dismounting the phone without authorization that causes the damages.
4) Using unauthorized accessories or components, and use the product not based on the instructions.
5) Natural wastage of the phone (e.g. casing, display, keyboard, antenna or accessory).
6) No valid purchase invoice or evidence.
7) Modify, destroy or remove IMEI, code number on the phone; modify, destroy or remove waterproof mark, screw mark.
8) Update the system with 3rd resources but not the LEAGOO official website that caused some failures.
9) Failures caused by wireless network or carriers are not covered in the warranty.
10) Force majeure damage (e.g. flood, fire, earthquake)
2. Other principles:
1) Non-Authorization Return: Customer returns the products without LEAGOO authorization.
Oral promises of e-commerce platforms that are beyond the warranty principles are invalid. No service shall be
3) Product has both quality problem and human-factor damage will no longer enjoy the warranty, but will provide
chargeable repair service.


1. Shipping cost: YOU (means the customer) will be responsible for the shipping cost back and forth.
2. LEAGOO will send you a repair quotation, finish repairing within 15 working days after receive your payment and then send
the device back to you.

Please contact with LEAGOO customer service ( before you send your device back, or LEAGOO has
right to not accept your request.

Thank you for your support!

(*The policy is only for the products purchased through network channels.)